The News to be Used

The News to be Used

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The Theory and Practice of Disaster Risk Communication. With Case Studies of the Earthquake in South Asia in 2005

Südwestdeutscher Verlag für Hochschulschriften, 2008, 316 Seiten, Format: 22 cm, ISBN-10: 3838101111, ISBN-13: 9783838101118, Bestell-Nr: 83810111A

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The primary objective of this book is to connect
temporary theory and practical experience in the
young field of Disaster Risk Communication (DRC).
In addition, the author seeks to:

differentiate how DRC works on different levels of
communication, including the household and community
draw conclusions on the usage of media channels in
promote good practices and lessons learnt,
through the extensive case study of the
earthquake in South Asia in 2005.

This book is motivated by questions arising during
practical field work in Tajikistan and Pakistan. The
experience from the projects shows that risk
communication is something that needs to be embedded
stronger into the programmes managed by
governments and the international


Gerhard Schaumberger, born in Linz/Austria, holds a PhD in
Communication Science from Salzburg University. He worked for
the OSCE in Kyrgyzstan, implemented Disaster Preparedness
Projects in Tajikistan, and was in charge of Humanitarian Aid
projects in Pakistan after the earthquake in 2005.


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